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Safety Deposit Boxes

Individual safe deposit boxes

Evrofinance Mosnarbank offers its clients a service of leasing safe deposit boxes. The boxes are located in the Bank's well-protected depositary equipped with modern security systems.

Safe deposit boxes can be used for storing valuables and documents. Clients are not allowed to deposit flammable, explosive, toxic and narcotic substances, or weapons without permission, and other items prohibited for storage by law.

Each box has a unique lock and two keys. Both keys are given to the client.

In order to lease a safe deposit box, a client should conclude an agreement with the Bank and provide a deposit amount that includes the price of the lock and keys and leasing fee for three months including taxes. After the leasing term expires, the client receives the deposit amount back if the keys are in good condition and the client has no outstanding debt under the agreement. The leasing fee depends on the leasing term and the size of the box.

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