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Loans for General Business Purposes

The Bank advances loans to its corporate customers, which may be applied for the purchase of goods, raw materials, semi-finished products and other property that - pursuant to the applicable accounting rules - is referred to the floating capital. Such loans may be also used to cover current expenses (as opposed to investments and financial expenses) including, in particular, wages and salaries, taxes and rental payments. Repayment is normally effected out of sales proceeds generated by sale of purchased goods, manufactured products, works performed and services rendered.

The Bank advances monetary funds either by a lump sum (in the case of a loan) or in a number of tranches (in the case of a loan facility). The Bank is flexible in arranging repayment schedules both with regard to loans and loan facilities. Normally, the term does not exceed 24 months. For the companies operating in the industries with long manufacturing cycles (such as shipbuilding) the life of the loan may be longer. The Bank also advances revolving loan facilities, i.e. loan facilities under which the borrower - upon repayment of the indebtedness - may drawdown money within the total aggregate amount of the loan facility, the maximum aggregate outstanding principal amount (if any) and within its tenure. Revolving loan facilities may be used for financing of a series of consecutive single-type transactions. Short-term loans for any unspecified purpose at the discretion of the borrower are also lent by the Bank. Such loans are usually advanced to large scale financial sound companies and companies with a good credit history.

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