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FX Market Services

Evrofinance Mosnarbank is among the major participants in the Russian foreign exchange market. The bank carries out currency conversion deals for its own purposes and on behalf of its clients on a daily basis. The bank is an active player on the market of clearing currencies and carries out deals with currencies of the CIS countries by clients' requests.

We offer our clients the most favorable terms of purchasing foreign currency against the Russian ruble. The clients can choose the most convenient of the three schemes of currency sale offered by the Bank.

Evrofinance Mosnarbank offers its clients and partners the following foreign exchange market services:

  • Purchase/sale of foreign currencies against the Russian ruble:
    • at market prices - without fees;
    • at a current rate quoted at MICEX - a fixed fee applies;
    • at CBR exchange rate for the day of the deal, flexible fee applies;
  • purchase/sale of foreign currency against another foreign currency deposited with the Bank;
  • purchase/sale of funds in clearing currencies received from the partners of the former USSR as redemption of their debt;
  • sale of currency options.



1.       Purchase and sale of foreign currency

All foreign currencies shall be purchased and sold for rubles as per Schemes 1, 2 and 3 for the execution of Clients’ requests outlined in Item 2.

1.1.   Execution of foreign currency purchase/sale transactions

Requests for purchase and sale of currency (hereinafter - Requests) as per the Bank’s template shall be received by the Bank before 12.45 p.m. Moscow time on the current business day. Requests filed after this time shall be deemed as received on the following business day of the Bank.

It shall be allowed to cancel a Request, to change the day of the execution of a Request or the conversion scheme in writing before 12.45 p.m. Moscow time on the Request execution day.

A Request shall be executed on the day of its receipt unless another day of execution is indicated in the Client’s written application.

2.     Schemes for the execution of Requests for purchase and sale of foreign currency

Scheme 1. (conversion at the Bank’s rate)

- the purchasing and selling exchange rates shall be set by the Bank at 12.15 p.m. Moscow time;

- the Request shall be executed by the Bank at the Bank’s purchasing or selling exchange rate with no commission fee charged;

- funds shall be created to the corresponding account of the Client on the current business day.

Scheme 2. (conversion at the market rate)

- the Bank’s client shall independently set the conversion rate in the Request. The Bank shall execute the Request at the indicated rate if such execution is possible on the exchange market at the rate stated by the Client.

- before filing the Request, the Bank’s client shall contact an officer of the Exchange and Money Market Unit of the Bank’s Treasury Department to agree upon the Request execution rate and on the basic Request terms: currency, purchase or sale, day of crediting. 

- the Bank shall charge a commission fee for the Request execution as per the established Tariff Rates of the Bank.

Scheme 3. (conversion at the Bank of Russia’s rate)

 - the Request shall be executed at the Bank of Russia’s rate effective as of the current business day, subject to a commission fee charged to compensate the difference between the Bank of Russia’s rate and the exchange market rate;

- funds shall be created to the corresponding account of the Client on the current business day;

- the Bank’s fee shall include the commission fee as per the Bank’s Tariff Rates and the difference between the Bank of Russia’s rate and the exchange market rate, i.e.:

commission fee under Scheme 3 = the Bank’s Tariff Rate +/- rate delta

rate delta = [(the Bank of Russia’s rate – the exchange market rate)/ the Bank of Russia’s rate] * 100%

In case of sale of foreign currency the rate delta shall be added to the Bank’s Tariff Rates, in case of sale - deducted from its Tariff Rates.

If the commission fee calculated under Scheme 3 results in a negative value, no commission fee shall be debited from the Client’s account.     


Application for selling foreign currency
Application for buying foreign currency

Foreign exchange deals


For further information please call:
Foreign Exchange and Money Market (+7 495) 967 8190
Financial Institutions (+7 495) 795 0248


Client Support:

Main office address:
29 Novy Arbat
Moscow 121099

Phone: +7 495 967 81 82
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