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Operation Charge Note
6.1 Executing the currency control agent’s function:7
• on registered contracts 0.1% of each payment/ funds inflow , min. RUB 100 max. RUB 60,000 plus VAT (current rate); the commission is charged for each payment/funds inflow recorded by the Bank in the frame of contract
• on registered credit agreements 0,1 % of each payment/funds inflow ,of debt amount, min RUB 100 max RUB 60,000 plus VAT (current rate); the commission is charged for each payment/funds inflow recorded by the Bank in the frame of credit agreement ,and also from the principal debt amount fixed at the moment of the credit agreement’s registering; the commission is not charged for the currency operations related to the principal debt or interest payments
• on currency operations between residents and non-residents in the frame of contracts which are not subject to registering 0,1% of each payment/funds inflow, min. RUB 100 max. RUB 30,000 plus VAT (current rate); the commission is not charged for the following currency operations: - payment of taxes, duties and other fees; - payment of alimony, pensions, allowances and other welfare payments; - charity, grants, gift, donations and other non-refundable payments; - payment of salary and other labor compensations, other settlements between the employer and employee, payment of remunerations for sportsmen; - payment of principal debt and interest on the credit agreement (loan agreement) in the case if the Bank had previously retained the commission for the extended/received credit/loan in the frame of this credit/loan agreement; - crediting currency to the Russian resident regardless of the currency operations’ type; - currency operations on the contracts concluded with the Bank; - currency operations of non-residents.
6.2 Contract/credit agreement’s registering/amending the registered contract/credit agreement Free of charge
6.3 Contract/credit agreement’s urgent registering RUB 2,000 plus VAT (current rate); The Bank accepts the contract/credit agreement for registering during the current day until 17.00 if all documents and information are duly prepared
6.4 Preparing of documents for transfer of the registered contract/credit agreement to the other authorized bank RUB 5,000 plus VAT (current rate)
6.5 Copying of the currency control documents and invoices 100 RUB. for each sheet plus VAT (current rate)
6.6 Issuing of the banking control statements and certificates 500 RUB. for each statement/certificate plus VAT (current rate)
6.7 Providing information form the Chapter I of the banking control statement 300 RUB. for each contract/credit agreement plus VAT (current rate)
6.8 Customer consulting the cost of this service is included in the n. 6.1

7 The commission is not charged when: - the funds from non-executed contracts are returned, in the case when the returned funds were initially written off from the resident accounts/credited to the resident accounts in the Bank; - the operations related to the credit and return of erroneously transferred funds, including the return of funds due to the erroneous payment information, are performed; - the resident’s payment previously returned by the correspondent bank of the beneficiary bank without crediting the non-resident account is performed repeatedly. The commission is charged, among other cases, when the currency operation is performed in the form of a letter of credit, if the operation is performed thorugh the resident’s account opened with a non- resident bank, if the Bank receives information about crediting of funds received from a non-resident in the frame of contract to the financial agent’s (factor’s) – resident – account, and also when the third person-resident (other person – resident, non-resident who is the part of the contract but does not register it) fulfills his commitments which are subject to registering in the banking control statement.


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