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FX Market Services

Evrofinance Mosnarbank is among the major participants on the Russian foreign exchange market. The bank carries out currency conversion deals for its own purposes and on behalf of its clients on a daily basis. The bank is an active player on the market of clearing currencies and carries out deals with currencies of the CIS countries by client request.

Evrofinance Mosnarbank offers its partner banks clean and covered lines for currency transactions.

Evrofinance Mosnarbank offers its clients and partners the following foreign exchange market services:

  • purchase/sale of funds in clearing currencies received from the partners of the former USSR as redemption of their debt;
  • banknote deals;
  • currency conversion with "TODAY", "TOMORROW", "SPOT" settlement;
  • "Split Value" currency conversion;
  • currency conversion against early delivery of Russian rubles by the Bank's partner bank or against an advance payment in foreign currency;
  • foreign currency swaps.

Foreign exchange deals

Foreign Exchange and Money Market: (+7 495) 967 8190
Financial Institutions: (+7 495) 795 0248


Client Support:

Main office address:
29 Novy Arbat
Moscow 121099

Phone: +7 495 967 81 82
Phone: +7 499 300-9832
Fax: +7 495 967 81 33

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