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Electronic trading services

New technology solutions can help cut costs and improve the efficiency of stock market operations. Evrofinance Mosnarbank watches the latest trends in stock market services and strives to provide its clients with access to the most promising products among those available on the market.

NetInvestor software system will allow you to:

  • access market quotes database (real-time updated) on the Internet, view your portfolio balance and the information on deals you have made;
  • view the quotes, concluded deals and market depth data on securities traded on MICEX (GKO-OFZ government bonds and shares and bonds traded on MICEX' stock market section);
  • manage the current state of investment portfolio;
  • view the current status of bids placed via broker (Evrofinance Mosnarbank) and deals concluded by the broker on your behalf;
  • send orders to broker to make certain operations with securities.

The service is provided by using NetInvestor certified software solution developed and maintained by specialists from MFD-Infocenter company. The data from trading floors is transmitted through gateways used by Evrofinance Mosnarbank, preventing unauthorized access of third parties.

There are two ways to take advantage of electronic trading service:

  • Java version of the product.
    Java version does not require the installation of any specific software. Only a computer with Internet access and any Java-supporting Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) are needed. Use the following addresses to access NetInvestor:
    • For individual clients;
    • For asset management companies.
    • "Dixi+" program.
    "Dixi+" program offers convenient interface for viewing data from trading floors and newswires. To get "Dixi+" distributive package, advice on installation and setting up the program, ID and password for test access, the program's description and user manual and any other consulting related to the use of the program please contact the following persons:
  • system administrator Gennady Kovalevich, phone (+7 495)967-8171

They will also accept your complaints and suggestions related to functioning or further development of the system.

We hope for future cooperation and that the electronic trading services offered by Evrofinance Mosnarbank will help you to manage your portfolio more efficiently.

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