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Operation Charge Note
2.1 Enter of funds to the benefit of the correspondent No charge
2.2 Transfer of funds from the correspondent account to the account of other correspondent or Bank’s customer No charge
2.3 Interbank transfer of currency assets No charge
2.4 Transfer of currency assets to the benefit of customers/correspondents of other banks which: 2 , 3
• have a correspondent account with the Bank No charge
• do not have a correspondent account with the Bank 600 RUB
2.5 Bank’s commission charged for transfer of funds when payment documents pass through the settlement network of the Bank of Russia:
2.5.1 to own accounts opened with other banks 30 rub
2.5.2 In favor of other banks and its customers 0,05% of the transfer amount
min. 1000 rub
max. 50000 rub
2.6 Modification of settlement instructions or cancellation of a payment order:
• foreign currency 900 RUB + actual expenses
• rubles 100 RUB
2.7 Processsing of payment orders made in rubles and received by telex or in hard copy 0.05% of the wire transfer amount,
50 RUB minimum
500 RUB maximum
in addition to clause 2.5
2.8 Providing payment order after transaction time marked “urgent” (in case of available technical possibility) by agreement with the Bank in addition to clauses 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.7

1 Terms of transfers in favor of other banks’ Customers:
• current banking day:
Russian Ruble and U.S. Dollar
received up to 16-00 Moscow Time (Monday-Friday);
received up to 15-00 Moscow Time (pre-holidays);
received up to 13-00 Moscow Time;
• to be executed at the second working day
other currencies
received up to 16-00 Moscow Time (Monday-Friday);
received up to 15-00 Moscow Time (pre-holidays).
If the payment documents subject to the currency control and/or documents or information necessary for executing the currency control agent’s function are submitted to the Bank in less than 1 hour before the banking day’s closing, the Bank reserves the right to process these payment documents the following banking day.
2 In relation to the transactions below in this clause, cost of regular telecommunication expenses (SWIFT, telex) is not charged

3 In case of a proviso "free of charge for beneficiary", Bank’s actual expenses are additionally charged


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