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Operation Charge Note
12.1.1 Securities transactions at OTC market:
• Broking at OTC stock market as agreed
12.1.2 Brokerage service for committing securities transactions at organized stock market (stock exchange) with turnover during a whole trading day:4
      - less than 1 million rubles 0.08%
      - from 1 million rubles to 10 million rubles 0.05%
      - from 10 million rubles to 30 million rubles 0.04%
      - over 30 million rubles 0.02% Fixed5
      - Regardless of the extent of transactions during a calendar month 25,000 RUB
12.2 Transactions with derivative instruments with securities as underlying asset
12.2.1 Broker service provided for customers at the time of purchase-and-sale of futures with securities as underlying asset as agreed
12.2.2 Settlement service provided for brokerage firms at the time of purchase-and-sale of futures with securities as underlying asset as agreed
12.2.3 Entering into (purchase/sale) of futures contracts with securities as underlying assets as agreed
12.3 Portfolio management services
12.3.1 Agency services with regards to customer portfolio management as agreed
12.3.2 Trust management of securities and cash assets invested into securities as agreed
12.4 Securities transactions services
12.4.1 Broker services related to organization of securities issue and placement (offer), including consulting services as well as services related to the acquisition of placed (offered) securities by the broker at his own expense. as agreed
12.4.2 Domiciliation services as agreed plus VAT (applicable rate)
Operations with securities are not subject for VAT if not stated in Comments

4 When using a Net Investor remote workstation during a month period, a minimum commission fee is RUB500 per month. In case the broker turnover commission exceeds RUB500 per month the commission fee for using a Net Investor remote workstation is not charged.
5 Charged once a month on the date of the first transaction in such calendar month


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