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Salary crediting

Crediting salaries of employees to plastic cards and installation of ATMs for cash withdrawal is one of the development lines of the comprehensive services we offer to our clients.

The VISA Classic international plastic card or the Russian MIR payment system card (for state budgeted organizations of the Russian Federation) is offered as the basic card of the salary project. VISA Gold is offered to managers and mid-level executives and VISA Gold / VISA Platinum are offered to top managers. Besides, corporate VISA Business cards are available.

Key Advantages

Key advantages of crediting employees’ salaries to plastic cards

For the company:

  • No need to monthly order and deliver cash to the company office.
  • No need for salary depositing.
  • It greatly frees up the wage office.
  • The entire process of salary payment will consist in issuing one payment instruction.

For the employee:

  • No need to stand in line to the wage office.
  • Employees will be able to access their salaries any time at their convenience - the ATM operates round the clock and is replenished with cash on time.
  • The ATM is loaded with Russian rubles and US dollars, so employees who get paid in rubles can convert rubles into US dollars.
  • The card can be used to pay for goods and services in many shops and outlets.
  • Cash can be withdrawn in almost all the cities of the Russian Federation and abroad.

The following documents need to be filled in and signed to have one’s salary credited to a bank card:

  • Agreement between the company and the Bank for salary crediting;
  • Application of the employee for card issue.

Overdraft Loan

Possibilities and advantages of a bank card with overdraft:

  • Acquisition of goods or services (purchase of household appliances, package tours, payment for education, health-care services, etc.) using a short-term loan with no need to apply to a bank or execute loan documents;
  • You can use a short-term loan with your card anywhere in the world, where international plastic cards are accepted.
  • The loan is granted for a period of up to 2 months and repaid automatically upon cash credit to the card account.
  • The overdraft limit is revolving, which means that as soon as the prior loan is repaid the overdraft is fully available again.

The following documents need to be filled in and signed to have a bank card with overdraft issued:

  • Addendum to the salary agreement signed;
  • Application of the employee for overdraft on the bank card;

For more information on the salary project conditions contact us by phone 8-800-2008-600.



Client Support:

Main office address:
29 Novy Arbat
Moscow 121099

Phone: +7 495 967 81 82
Fax: +7 495 967 81 33

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