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Security of your cards

SMS fraud protection

As a rule, fraudsters use SMS to quickly gather information and persuade the client to perform a particular operation with a card in favor of third parties under various pretexts. Such messages often look like real official messages that may be sent by a bank or an authorized processing company. The following features will help you distinguish messages sent by fraudsters:


  • They contain a form for entering your personal data;
  • They contain information that an unexpected amount has been credited to your account;
  • They require your urgent response. For example, that your account will be closed or temporarily blocked by the bank;
  • They require that you provide, update or confirm your personal data (codeword, PIN-code, etc.);
  • They are sent not from the official number of the authorized processing company - KartStandart Processing Center.

Official alpha number: Evrofinance



If this number is changed, the information will be published on the Bank's official website.



If you are in receipt of a suspicious SMS message, please call the bank’s Client Support Department at: 8-800-2008-600.


Client Support:

Main office address:
29 Novy Arbat
Moscow 121099

Phone: +7 495 967 81 82
Fax: +7 495 967 81 33

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