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Secure use of the bank card

Secure use of the bank card

Having received a new plastic card put your name to its reverse side immediately. It will reduce the risk of use of bank the card without your consent in case of its loss.

It is important to remember that absolute safety of protection is not possible without your participation and observation of several simple rules:

  1. Always keep Personal Identification Number (PIN-code) under wraps, but preferably memorize it.
  2. Never write PIN-code on the card or store near it, for example in the wallet or a place that can be easily accessed by strangers because in case of theft or loss of the wallet a fraudster will have all necessary information for debiting assets from the account.
  3. Never listen to advices of strangers nor accept their help when performing operations with the bank card.
  4. Eliminate copies of receipts and other documents containing the number of your card.
  5. Paying via bank transfer make sure your card is used only for its intended purpose.
  6. Do not use devices requesting PIN-code to access the premise where ATM is situated. If you have several cards: use one for card reader when opening the entrance door to the twenty-four-hour clients’ service area and another to work with ATM.
  7. Do not hold more assets than you need in the nearest time for the account pegged to the card. You can transfer your funds on deposits. The fewer assets you hold on the primary account the lower the risk of possible loss in case of fraud is.


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