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Security of your cards

3D Secure — safe online shopping payment

The 3D Secure system provides for online shopping with your card and makes it even safer!


  • Safe:
    Your card is protected with a one-time password that is available only to you and valid for one purchase only. Your money is in your hands only!
  • Convenient:
    No need to remember a regular password. Your one-time password will be sent to your mobile number or email each time when you pay for goods or services in an online store that is a partner of the program. To use this service, you will need to connect the SMS notification service (paid) or submit an application to the Bank for information on your card operations (free).

The 3D Secure Technology is a unique system ensuring security of payment for goods and services on the Internet. It is part of the MirAccept global program.

Partners of the program have the MirAccept logo:  

           Logo_Mir accept

You can use your card to pay in an online store that is a partner of the MirAccept program under the following conditions:



  • You have registered and paid for the SMS notification service in an ATM of the Bank before the purchase*;


  • You have provided the Bank with your personal email address for getting one-time passwords from the Bank.

When you pay in an online store that is a partner of the program you will need to enter a password. The password is one-time (valid for one purchase only) and is sent by SMS to the mobile number or email you have provided to the Bank before the purchase. Your payment will be approved after you enter the password successfully. No one can use your card but yourself!



Please timely inform the Bank about changes in your e-mail address or mobile phone number connected to the SMS notice service in any of the following ways:

 8 (800) 2008-600  (free call)



* Paid service as per the Tariff Rates of Evrofinance Mosnarbank.



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