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Secure use of ATM

Secure use of ATM

To avoid illegal debiting of your card we recommend to apply the following safety measures:

  • In the event that during operations with bank card in ATM the ATM fails to return the bank card, please, call the credit organization at the telephone number indicated on the ATM and explain circumstances of the what had happened and also contact the Bank and follow recommendations of the specialist.
  • Do not use unknown ATMs located in dark, not crowded places as such ATMs are best suited for fraudsters. Try to withdraw money at the same ATMs inside banking centers or well seen premises and as far as possible remember their exterior appearance. As a rule, any improvements of ATMs leave their exterior appearance unchanged.
  • Before using the ATM examine it for the presence of additional devices not corresponding to its standard design and situated at the PIN-code entry place (for example, unevenly installed PIN-code entry key pad), at the place (slot) intended for insertion of cards or at the shade of ATM. In the abovementioned event refrain from using such an ATM.
  • Enter PIN-code quickly, with learned movements and preferably with several fingers, thus it will be much harder for fraudsters to catch what keys you are exactly striking. When entering PIN-code cover the key pad with free hand, purse or wallet.
  • Check periodically your bank accounts balances. You can do it:
    • with the help of statements,
    • through the ATM,
    • with the help of Remote Banking system,
    • at twenty-four-hour Clients Support Service,
    • by joining the SMS-reporting service*, due to which you will immediately receive to your mobile phone messages about all your account transactions.

* Paid service according to the tariffs of EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK.


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