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Information for customers - users of Eurolink remote banking system


Dear Clients – users of EuroLink System of Remote Banking Services (hereinafter “the System”)!

EVROFINANCE MOSNARBAK (hereinafter “the Bank”) respectfully informs you that due to joining the service of the Faster Payments System (hereinafter “the Service”) which will allow you to transfer funds from your accounts with the Bank to accounts with other banks via the System using the Recipient's phone number as an Identifier, on 1 October 2020 the Bank is going to connect all Clients – users of the System (hereinafter “the Client”) – to the Service.

We also would like to inform you that the Terms of providing a funds transfer service using a mobile phone number as the Recipient’s Identifier within the Faster Payments System (hereinafter “the FPS Terms”) will come into effect on 3 August 2020 as an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Remote Banking Services rendered to physical entities by means of EuroLink System in EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK. You can find the FPS Terms and the amount of the Bank's remuneration for using this service on the Bank's corporate website

Connection to the Service will be activated automatically as soon as the technical possibility arises and will not require additional documents to be executed with the Bank.

The information about the beginning of the Service functioning will be additionally sent to you by SMS to the phone number declared when connecting to the System and will be also posted on the Bank's corporate website and at announcement stands in the Bank’s field offices serving Clients.

Kindly yours,



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