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IT Committee

1. General Provisions

1.1. The present Regulation determines the general operating procedures of the Information Technology (IT) Committee of EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK (hereinafter “the Committee”).
1.2. The Committee is set up by the decision of the Management Board of EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK.
1.3. Decisions made by the Committee are advisory in nature and, if necessary, may be submitted for consideration to a meeting of the Management Board of EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK.
1.4. The operation of the Committee is governed by the Articles of Association of EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK, the Bank’s IT Policy, resolutions of the Management Board, and the present Regulation.

2. Aims and Objectives of the Committee

2.1. The Committee is set up to promote the processes of IT development in EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK in compliance with the requirements of business plans, building partnership relations between Bank units in terns of IT development, and fostering the evolvement of the bank’s IT infrastructure.

2.2. Main Tasks of the Committee

2.2.1. To coordinate the development of the Bank’s policy and strategy in the sphere of banking IT development, to agree proposals and recommendations in the sphere of IT development and to submit them to the Bank’s Management Board for approval.
2.2.2. To ensure compliance of the Bank’s IT strategy with the general strategy of development and the business plan of the Bank.
2.2.3. To coordinate draft budget as regards banking information technologies, and to submit if for approval to the Bank’s Management Board. To regularly review the execution of the budget.
2.2.4. To work out a consolidated position on relevant issues of IT development in the Bank.

3. Rights of the Committee

To attain the aims and objectives stipulated by section 2 hereof, the Committee shall have the right to:
3.1. Invite representatives of the Bank’s structural units to participate in the Committee meetings.
3.2. Request and obtain from the Heads of the Bank’s structural units any information necessary for its work.
3.3. Form individual task forces (out of the Committee members, specialists from the Banking IT Division and other units of the Bank) that shall work through draft proposals within the competence of the Committee.
3.4. Submit offers on the Bank’s IT development to the Heads of the Bank’s structural units and the Management Board.
3.5. Recommend alteration of priority tasks in the Automation Plan.
3.6. Evaluate the activity and performance of task forces and members of the Committee, and make decisions on improvement of their performance within the Committee.

4. Responsibilities of the Committee

The main responsibilities of the IT Committee are:
4.1. Coordination of the Bank’s IT strategy development aimed at ensuring its compliance with the tasks of the Bank’s Business Plan. Coordination of compliance of the IT strategy with short-term automation plans.

5. Composition of the Committee

5.1. The Committee consists of employees appointed by the Bank’s administrative order.
5.2. Members of the Committee have to be able to positively impact the process of the Bank’s IT development, be focused on dialogue and positive work, establish relations aimed at cooperation.
5.3. The composition of the Committee shall be changed by the Bank’s administrative order. The reason for exclusion shall be the Committee member’s failure to meet the set requirements, in particular, permanent absence from the Committee meetings (more than 50% a year) without a good reason.
5.4. For organization of the Committee operation, the Chairperson of the Committee, Deputy Chairperson, and Technical Secretary shall be appointed by the Bank’s administrative order.
5.5. The Chairperson of the Committee shall supervise the operation of the Committee, determine the range of matters to be considered at the Committee meetings, call the Committee meetings and preside over them, give instructions to members of the Committee, represent the Committee at the Management Board.
5.6. The Deputy Chairperson of the Committee shall ensure organization of the Committee operation along the lines set forth by the Chairperson of the Committee and act as the Chairperson of the Committee in the absence of the latter.
5.7. Members of the Committee shall submit offers with regard to the directions and the plan of the Committee operation, fulfil instructions on preparation of draft recommendations; participate in the study and discussion of recommendations and other materials resulting from the Committee’s activities; execute other orders following from the present Regulation and the Committee action plan.
5.8. The Technical Secretary of the Committee shall bring together the submitted offers with regard to the Committee action plan; notify the Committee members of planned events; communicate to them all information within the competence of the Committee; exercise control over performance of decisions made in its meetings; effect minutes of meetings and perform clerical work; provide for calling the Committee meetings; inform the Committee members of the date, place and agenda of the forthcoming Committee meeting; organize distribution of the Committee materials to its members and relevant Bank units.

6. Organisation of the Committee Operation

6.1. The Committee shall carry out its activities in compliance with the aims and objectives stated in section 2 hereof.
6.2. The Committee shall operate on the grounds of the action plan subject to approval.
6.3. Meetings of the Committee shall be held as necessary, but no less than once a quarter.
6.4. Meetings of the Committee shall be deemed valid in the presence of more than a half of its members.
6.5. Decisions on matters submitted to the Committee shall be made by open vote, by simple majority of votes of its members present at the meeting.
6.6. The agenda of the scheduled meeting has to be prepared and distributed to the Committee members a week before the meeting.
6.7. Upon completion of each meeting, its minutes shall be prepared and distributed to all participants of the Committee, including invited participants, as well as all members of the Bank’s Management Board.


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