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Customer Policy Committee

The Customer Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) is a permanent consultative body of EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK (hereinafter “the Bank”), set up under the President – Chairman of the Management Board of EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK.
The operation of the Committee is governed by the present Regulation, and resolutions of administrative bodies of EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK pertaining to the Bank’s development strategy.

Objectives of the Customer Committee

The objective of the Customer Committee is to provide facilities for prompt resolution of matters concerning improvement of customer management:

  • Sharing among Customer Units information about new products, about customer management technologies, etc.;
  • Coordinating projects that involve customers from different customer groups associated with different Customer Units;
  • Streamlining interaction of Customer Units with other Bank units;
  • Elaborating coordinated proposals for the Bank Senior Management pertaining to customer management.

Competence of the Customer Committee

The Committee shall have the power to:

  • Consider proposals of Customer units concerning:  
  • - Improvement of customer management in the Bank;
  • - Development and introduction of new or modification of existing products, technologies and procedures;
  • - Performing unconventional transactions that require participation of other Bank units.
  • Create temporary task forces to ensure operational interaction between the representative of the Customer Unit and employees of other units on matters concerning improvement of customer management:
  • By the decision of the Customer Committee, the newly created temporary task force shall be headed by the representative of the relevant Customer Unit;
  • The decision on creating a task force consisting of representatives of other services and units of the Bank shall be made by the Customer Committee and shall be binding on all the Bank units;
  • If necessary (depending on the complexity of the matter), the decision on creating a temporary task force may be effected by an order (decree) of the President –  Chairman of the Bank Management Board.
  • Hear representatives of Customer Units reporting on what customers / customer groups they are working with or going to start working with, and with what customers / customer groups (falling into their sphere of responsibility according to the formal criteria) they are not planning to work for certain reasons. (This information is necessary to make amendments to Appendix 2, determining the spheres of responsibility of the Bank Customer Units.)
  • If necessary, consider delimitation of spheres of responsibility of individual Customer Units with regard to certain customers / customer groups (in particular, in terms of possible expansion of the Bank’s customer base). In this regard, the relevant decision shall be taken by the President – Chairman of the Bank Management Board.
  • Submit for consideration of the Credit Committee and the Management Board of the Bank any matters related to improvement of the Bank’s customer management and requiring resolution by the Credit Committee and/or the Management Board of the Bank, including tariffs applicable at the Bank.

Composition of the Customer Committee

The Committee shall consist of the heads of all Customer Units of the Bank (the list of Customer Units is provided in Appendix 1). The President – Chairman of the Bank Management Board shall appoint the Chairperson of the Customer Committee (hereinafter “the Chairperson”), who shall organize the work of the Customer Committee and preside at the Committee meetings. The Customer Committee shall appoint the Secretary of the Committee, who shall keep the minutes of its meetings. Employees of any units of the Bank may be invited to the Committee meetings to discuss matters submitted to the Committee for consideration, or to furnish relevant information.

Participation in the Committee meetings

It is not mandatory for members of the Committee to attend all its meetings. Each Customer Unit shall independently determine the necessity of their attendance, depending on the matters considered. A member of the Committee shall present at the meetings any matters initiated by the corresponding unit. If a member of the Committee is unable to attend a meeting, he/she shall have the right to send a proxy. In the situation when, to take a decision on a matter under discussion, it is necessary to obtain additional information within the competence of other Bank units, the head / an employee of the relevant unit may be invited to the Committee meeting. Representatives of any interested Bank units are entitled to participate in the Committee meetings. Any unit of the Bank has the right to initiate a meeting of the Customer Committee to consider a relevant matter by presenting their proposals to the Chairperson of the Customer Committee.


Decisions of the Committee shall be made by simple majority of votes of the Committee members participating in the meeting. Decisions that concern only some of the Customer Units or only certain customers have to be supported by relevant Customer Units managing certain customer groups. If any “dissenting opinions” on the matters under consideration are expressed by members of the Committee in the process of discussion, they must be recorded in the minutes of the Committee meeting.

Documents of the Committee

The results of each meeting of the Committee shall be recorded in the minutes indicating:

  • the date of the meeting;
  • the names and titles of those present;
  • the agenda of the meetings;
  • decisions and “dissenting opinions”.

Amendments to the present Regulation

Any amendments to the present Regulation shall be made via approval of its new version by the President – Chairman of the Bank Management Board. The old version of the present Regulation shall become void after the new one comes into effect.


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